Maintaining Marketing Confidence In An Uncertain, COVID-19 World

Maintaining Marketing Confidence In An Uncertain, COVID-19 World

Maintaining Marketing Confidence In An Uncertain, COVID-19 World

With the current state of the world, it’s reasonably worrisome to think that things look bleak. With entire communities, countries, states, and other denominations of population shutting down to contain COVID-19, you can’t help but be concerned for the future. The future of your business is in a hanging balance, but, if you act quickly, you will find yourself thriving in chaos. Relying on ecommerce and marketing the hell out of it can be what saves you in these trying times. How can Impakt help our clients?

Awareness is Your Best Friend

Seeking brand awareness online in a time when no one is outside can assist you in so many ways. People are going to be online more than they ever have before. Social distancing, while it may cause physical distance, doesn’t mean that people won’t virtually shop. They may not physically be able to go outside. People spend hours online every day after work, sometimes during work, etc. Know that hourly usage will increase significantly since communities are now without physically going to school, work, or other places.

So, using this time wisely, make sure you invest time in online marketing and making sure your items are available there. You should especially jump on this as a brick and mortar business.

Advertising online as a brick and mortar business is a good way to maintain sales in moments where people can’t come to your store. By using Shopify or WooCommerce, it’s an easy set up to start promoting your business online. Pushing that website through your ads on social media can truly level up your business and allow people the convenience of reaching your inventory at home.

20% Off

You have to make sure your products are available to buy, and make a solid plan to advertise them to your audiences. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram and reaching your audiences with dynamic retargeting ads is a great way to reel people back in after they’ve viewed and left your website’s catalog.

What can I offer to people stuck at home?

20% off on your product. Put this discount in the outreach ads to your customers so they’re enticed by the discount. It’s nowhere near free items, but it’s free-er than it was before. People love free stuff or free-er stuff.

Dynamic Retargeting is something that will always come in handy when people are poking around your website. Let’s say someone comes to your site and look at some of your products.  However, they don’t purchase. They leave and continue on their Internet surfing journey.

Afterward, they will see an ad from your business on social media, a carousel ad with some fun copy will appear for them with those items they looked at. Each ad is tailored to each visitor and their interests and wants.

This can narrow the line between buying and leaving the products, allowing for that second chance that consumers have to reconsider.

The Game Plan

If you are just now starting the ecommerce side of things, you will want your website traffic to be up to a sustainable amount of traffic monthly. This is usually a minimum of maybe 5,000 users. Unless you are coming up with that many visitors a month, you aren’t really building an audience to target. You have to get people knowledgeable about you and your brand, so driving traffic to that site is key. This is all after your Facebook Pixel is attached to your site.

50 sales per week is the sweet spot for conversion optimization. You can optimize ads for people who added their credit card information too, and they’re far more likely to purchase than most.

Streaming Classes and Courses Online

Another way to help combat the tight squeeze that COVID-19 has on businesses is to show your services online, especially if it is a service like fitness or classes. Some businesses in the fitness realm have been conducting courses online for their fitness-hungry clients to still get in their workouts at home. Streaming online and having a subscription service is also a great way to make up the difference in these times when you can’t workout in a public gym or have a physical class.

Having monthly subscriptions for your die-hard patrons to sign up for can help with the boredom of quarantine and fight the overall financial strain that is occurring right now.

Testing, Testing…1, 2, 3…

It’s okay to test different strategies to see which responds with your audience or the algorithm the best, leading up to the awareness, traffic, and/or conversions you want. Turning off the ads and focusing that spend elsewhere, depending on the algorithm and your audience’s interests, isn’t a negative thing.

Adaptability in Crisis

Adaptivity is key. Don’t allow yourself to stick to one avenue. You have to change patterns in order to succeed. Panic mode sounds comfortable in times like this, but maintaining calm in the middle of calamity is far more beneficial to you and your brand. Becoming proactive and focusing on your branding and capitalizing on ecommerce is what will alleviate the strain that COVID-19 has had on businesses.

You can survive this, and everything will be okay. We are all in this together, and Impakt is especially here to help.

For more information, feel free to listen to the Moto Marketing Podcast by Racer X. Luke Nesler and George Cicci took to the mics to talk online sales being critical in times like this.

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