The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #30

The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #30

Luke Nesler is joined by Charles Castloo, the sales and marketing manager of 100%. Luke and Charles chat about staying relevant during times of panic, and how the brand is focusing on growth. They also talk about giving back to the frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis.


Topics this episode:

  • The Rebirth of 100%
  • 100% Brand Loyalty
  • Relatability of Their Brand, 100% Effort
  • Scattered Across the Nation
  • The Unknown in Pandemic-Filled Times
  • Being Sensitive and Positive in Gloomy Moments
  • Donating Sales to CDC Foundation, and Giving Back
  • Know When to Pause and Play Ideas, Based on World Happenings
  • 100% Together
  • Trackable Ideas in Marketing
  • Influencer Power
  • Giving Back to Those on Frontlines During the Pandemic

Go to if you want to talk about next steps during this crazy COVID-19 time with Luke. Set up a time within his calendar, and he’ll get in contact with you.

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