We Can Enjoy Summer Now, Pro Motocross Is Back

We Can Enjoy Summer Now, Pro Motocross Is Back

It’s been one hectic year in Motocross / Supercross to say the least. The team at MX Sports released the salvaged 2020 motocross schedule this week after a lot of hard work and dedication to making the season happen. It’s strange to look at the schedule and see no High Point, no Unadilla, two RedBud rounds, etc but at least it’s happening.

As someone who works directly with the team at MX Sports on their digital advertising, I can tell you how hard they all work and how dedicated Carrie Coombs, Tim Cotter and company were to making this series happen. They bent over backwards to not only do everything that could to make sure that we had a series this year but to also do everything they could to make sure that the individual promoters got the best deal possible.

This may be why we don’t see a High Point or Budds Creek rounds, to allow the other promoters a chance to have their races and salvage their year.

I’m happy to say that we are taking it outdoors and going racing!

Read more about the new pro motocross schedule here:

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