The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #29

The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #29

Luke Nesler is joined by DeeO, Polar’s Wayne Vartabedian, and Race Tech’s Chris Riesenberg to dive into the topic of sponsorships. Knowing how to approach a brand and form a partnership is critical in today’s moto landscape. Luke, DeeO, Wayne, and Chris all weigh in on what it takes to form a partnership with a brand successfully.


Topics this episode:

  • What It Means to Really Get Sponsored: More Than a Sticker or Stuff
  • A Two Way Give and Take
  • Represent How The Brand Wants to Be Represented
  • Potential Benefits of Athletes
  • Build Your Brand and Your Sponsor’s Brand Upward
  • Authenticity
  • You Never Know Where You’ll Meet Your Connections
  • Relatibility to Your Audience
  • Being Professional
  • Upholding an Image

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