The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #47

The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #47

Luke Nesler is joined by Impakt Results CMO George Cicci and Sr. Social Media Strategist Lacie Geary as the three discuss Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing tips for your moto business. A crucial point in the year, it is important to utilize your online reach for sales, especially during a time when people don’t want to leave their homes.


Topics this episode:

  • Leaning into eCommerce
  • Changing the Mindset
  • Customer Process and Keeping them Engaged
  • The Plan for Getting Started on eCommerce
  • Transparency: Shipping Schedules, Inventory, etc.
  • Everyone is Struggling in Their Own Way, Business or Consumer
  • Big Commerce
  • Fixing Your Red Flags, If You Have Them
  • Optimizing Your Reach
  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket, Branch Out
  • PPC, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Etc.
  • Don’t Start too Late for BF/CM

Go to if you want to talk about next steps during this crazy COVID-19 time with Luke. Set up a time within his calendar, and he’ll get in contact with you.

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