The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #93

The Moto Marketing Podcast: Episode #93

Luke Nesler was joined again by Charles Castloo to take a deeper dive into his career and journey through the industry. Charles was a guest in the beginnings of COVID-19 when Luke had temporarily moved his studio to his home. Charles has an amazing story that wasn’t properly told due to some technical difficulties on Luke’s end, and Charles was kind enough to come back on and share his story with us in proper Moto Marketing Podcast fashion.


  • Plan overview
  • Fall launch
  • Season launches
  • Castloo’s transition from athlete to having dream job
  • Staying involved (race reports, pictures, etc.)
  • Position Opportunities
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Apparel/gear
  • Pushing other products


Go to if you want to talk about next steps during this crazy COVID-19 time with Luke. Set up a time within his calendar, and he’ll get in contact with you. Send us your burning questions: [email protected] !

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